L'amore, ogni volta… Il cuore scheggiato di Jean-Luc Nancy

Daniela Calabrò


This paper is focused on the theme of “love” in the Nancy’s work. Since 1986, when he wrote The inoperative community, the French philosopher puts the love experience inside the concept of a ‘finite community’. Here, the reflection on love leads Nancy to move away from the thought of Bataille and to approach more and more to the ‘inoperative’ thought of Maurice Blanchot. Therefore, love does not represent the fusion 'of two in one', conversely it is the place of partition and the infinitive exposure 'of itself to the other one from itself'. Love happens every time again, and it plays every time again its promise, the 'anarchy' of its dis-location. This is the 'excessiveness' of each “I love you”.

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