Ontologia, metaontologia e problema del mondo in Heidegger

Roberto Terzi


The paper examines the limitation of the ontology and of the question of Being in Heidegger’s writings of the late Twenties. I shall analyze, in particular, the distinctions between Fundamental Ontology and Metontology (discussed in the lecture course of 1928 Metaphysische Anfangsgründe der Logik) and between Problem of the Being and Problem of the World (in the lecture course of 1928-29 Einleitung in die Philosophie): in both the cases appears a complex and circular relationship between the two distinguished poles, which is also a sign of a tension in Heidegger’s thought. In the final part of the paper I will focus on the ambiguous presence/absence of the cosmological question in Heidegger’s work.


Heidegger, Ontology, Question of the Being, Metontology, Problem of the World, phenomenological Cosmology

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