La nocion de naturaleza en Spinoza

Francisco Josè Martinez Martinez


The abstraction process which leads to the emergence of the modern concept of nature as something abstract and inert is related to the emergence of the goods while abstract exchange value and use value separately. Espinosa's greatness is that it combines and articulates the modern concept of nature with vitalistic classic concept from the Stoics reached its time. The notion of nature present in the philosophy of Spinoza is situated at the crossroads between Renaissance vitalism culminating in Giordano Bruno and Cartesian mechanism. In the first stream takes fuzzy vitalism present in the notion of conatus and in the second takes the importance of the geometrical method. Behind the inflexible mechanism discovers multiple fiery life that manifests the infinite power of nature and God. Renaissance vitalism deify man and humanize the cosmos and it envisage the cosmos as an animated whole.

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