Jean-Luc Nancy. La chance comunitaria: l’esposizione del «senza progetto»

Valentina Mascia


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The central point of this essay is the concept of “exposition” starting Jean-Luc Nancy’s philosophical thought. Through poetic language and the pictorial gesture opens a scenario where the “living” shows in his being in the world. In this sense the existence of each singularity is “without project” and, therefore, also open to the space of poiesis. But this space of poiesis is played in its physicality and carnality. So, in the wake of the Baudelaire’s poems and Francis Bacon’s paintings, Nancy clarifies that the body, and then the singular existence, contributes to create an instant of life – the only chance, the only possibility, to rethink a community without traditional subjects. It is indeed the “improvisation” to break the fundamental and absolute patterns of Western civilization. And the highest form of “improvisation” is in love: «a rift in a logic of the universe».

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